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My girlfriend had all the details withheld from her by her ex as far as broadband account went. It does seem a little odd not to give you a MAC code for switching your broadband back from TalkTalk. As far as I am aware the standard proceedure is for one telephone-line based broadband provider to give you a MAC code to switch broadband to another provider. I would have thought that both Orange and TalkTalk would use BT lines in the background, but it looks like this is either not the case or someone is fobbing you off.

Keep on escalating until someone gives you a satisfactory and clear answer. Failing this, lodge a complaint with ofcom. That sounds like a complicated relationship issue to me. The first thing that comes to mind is to cancel the direct debit with your girlfriends bank. A company can not enforce a direct debit payment, it has to have your consent to take the payment — this should be part of the direct debit guarantee. The broadband company is then going to contact you and try and encourage you to pay up for the default in the broadband direct debit.

They may try and get heavy-handed but throw their own argument back in their faces. Ask them to show you evidence of a contract between your girlfriend and the broadband company. Tell them your circumstances and that they need to pursue the ex-boyfriend. At the end of the day, the contract is between the ex and the broadband company, not the postal address i.

Sky Broadband - absolute disgrace!

Whatever you do, do something. For as long as this is not sorted out, your girlfriend will continue to pay for a service you do not want. Hello, I notice this is for switching ISPs. However, I am about to move into a rented flat and do not know either the previous ISP or even the previous phone number or provider. Could you please point me in the right direction on what course of action to take? We set up a password with my fathers ISP — Orange — so that i could phone them and deal with them as my father is away from home very often.

However when I rang them to ask if we could get a faster connection they refused to talk to me even though i told them the password and they agreed the password was there but that my name was not on their list. When we set up the password we were not told we had to name a list of names who could talk to them and anyway we are sure I was the one who set up the password after they had spoken to my father so they must have had my name.

So we tried to cancel — they would again not talk to me so I emailed them and asked for the MAC code which they gave us. We moved to BT but Orange charged us for 2 more months. When we complained by phone they would still not talk to me so I complained by email. They took ages to reply and in the meantime our bank had refunded us one of the months they had overcharged us.

After that Orange refunded us the unused amount and a good will gesture. But now months later they have written to us and said that we still owe them a month because the date the contract ended was when we actually changed to BT and not the date we requested the MAC code or when we rang to cancel or when we emailed to cancel. So they say we owe them for the month after we transfered to BT because there is a 30 day notice period.

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I have been emailing them back and forth but all they do is tell me how to pay. I am at the end of my tether. Why should I pay twice for that month? What should I do? Hi I have just moved into a new rented property and have tried to set up a new broadband connection with 02 and they have requested a MAC code before they can process the order.

How can i find this out as the estate agents cannot give out the previous tenants details but 02 say i need the previous tenants to cancel their current contract before i can continue.

Ive been with Virgin for years broadband with wifi, TV and phone and now wish to get only broadband. Ive also been contacted by sales staff telling me i have to upgrade my phone line and have their phones why- i already have a phone connection separate from my cable? I could stay with Virgin as i had broadband without a phone for years- but im now on a very tight budget due to being made redundant. Dear Friend.

Please help as all this is going nowhere. Thanks — Annette.

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This June, I contacted them to take advantage of an existing customer offer on their broadband service. My broadband was set up with o2 on 15th June. When I contacted TT, they said they were unaware that I had changed providers, and that o2 should have imformed them. I remembered when the o2 chap came to my home to set up the new BB, that he gave me a new number. I had assumed I would keep my old number, and simply the provider would change behind the scenes. But it transpires that TT have still been supplying me on the old number, while o2 were supplying on the new number.

The woman on the phone was fixated on whether I had requested a number change or to keep my old number. I was informed that o2 would contact them. So regardless of whether I wanted to keep or change my phone number, o2 should have contacted TT to tell them I was moving. I now have to wait up to two weeks for them to retrieve my call, so they can listen to it and decide who is at fault.

Reading the comments above, should someone have mentioned this MAC code to me?! I set up her computer a few weeks later at the new address and there was no broadband. After spending 3 hours on the phone to Virgin, it was discovered that, they had misheard and set up the account to the wrong address but the right phone number.

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So with that she got her credit card bills and proceeded to read it down the phone and thus providing evidence to show she owed nothing. They have told her to phone them back in 72 hours but will not provide a MAC. I have been with bt for 9months, im in a 18month contract…the max speed i have ever got is 1. Hi just moved into new property sky is still connected as the other person just left to another address.

There is no free channels on just the freeview ones. Plus it took a half hour on the phone at 7p a minute to even receive that refusal! Talk about adding insult to injury! We ended up having no broadband for three weeks, thanks to these idiots. I am so lost right now. Satellite internet can get you out of your funk and back to enjoying using the internet, or simply not noticing it was there at all.

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Building up an idea that provides a win-win situation for everyone is no easy task, but when it presents itself, it must be handled accordingly. If you have some feedback or advice about the products you have bought from this company or thoughts about this item please use the form below to share your experiences. Name required. Email Address required. Speak your mind. The editor's current choice of best mac broadband product is " o2 broadband ". About us Disclaimer Contact Us Sitemap. How to switch broadband If you are looking to change broadband providers please follow these simple steps — the process of changing broadband provider is relatively straight-forward but please read our notes further below if you need clarification.

Your broadband should be transfered in days if you have any problems then you can always contact Ofcom to complain. Things of note. What is a MAC code? Hi Nicola, MacAce will be added to our lists very soon. Hi Phil. Hi Peter, That is a very difficult question to answer. For example, you might see the alert "No Internet Connection. To restart your router or modem, unplug it, then plug it back in. Reset your Network Settings. Make sure that your router is on and you're within range If you're too far from your Wi-Fi router, you can't get a signal, so make sure that you're within range.

Call your cable company or internet provider for help. Try connecting to a Wi-Fi network in a different location.