Mac error messages they mean

An unknown error occurred Google is full of suggestions about dealing with this error message.

How to fix "Check the console for possible error messages" on Mac + Bonus!

But the iTunes dialog offers no clues. The error is clearly not that unknown if it has a number, and Apple could perhaps have a link in the error message to a support page helping users figure out its cause.

Copy Error Code 0 : What it Means in Mac OS X

Many Apple apps exhibit this behavior. Hopefully, one of the above fixes proved to be the solution to your error code 43 problem. To keep yourself prepared, take a look at our walkthrough of how to read macOS crash reports. We also have a guide showing you how to use Apple Diagnostics to troubleshoot your Mac. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic! Check out our comment policy here. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Interpretation of System Error Messages

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“Error Code -36” on a Mac | What Causes It and How to Fix It

If you do this, it adds a "favorite" in the bar, next to All Messages and Errors and Faults. You may want to do this if you have problems with a specific app and want to check it from time to time. If you have an app that crashes often, click User Reports in the sidebar; this displays crash logs. You won't be able to interpret these crash logs unless you're a developer, but they're very helpful to send to app developers when you do have problems.

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These folders contain logs for apps and processes that you have run, and, in some cases, give useful information. For example, the Disk Utility log shows when disks were mounted or unmounted, and when you have performed any operations on disks, such as a disk that I erased and formatted.

How to Fix Mac Error Code 43 When Copying Files

Console can be a bit unwieldy if you're not experienced in the type of messages that computers log, but it could be the tool that helps you find what's causing a problem on your Mac. Next time you face problems with apps that hang or crash, check out Console and see if it helps. Did you find this article useful?

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Find Log Files on Disk

NB you must be logged in as an admin user to make use of the system level logging — access to system. Follow IntegoSecurity. The Mac Security Blog.

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