How to compress a wav file mac

Anyway to compress WAV files without loss their quality? Is there any way I can compress these wav files so as not to lose too much audio quality but also regain a fair bit of valuable disk space?

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Reason: people want to submit or upload WAV files to special website which has limitation on the size of file being uploaded, or save space such as computer hard disk, CD, and players and so on, or some other special reasons. No matter the reasons, people who would like to compress WAV audio all have one thing in common - care about the output quality.

Compress WAV Audio Files

Add WAV file to the program by dragging and dropping. If you convert WAV to lossy format, you can set Bitrate in Advanced Settings to get different compression rate and quality. WAV is such common and popular audio format so many people have a lot in hand.

Meanwhile, it is uncompressed so that it has a large size than compressed audio files and takes up more space. Converting creates a second copy of the song in the format you have chosen which gives you the opportunity to either keep or delete the original.

How to Compress Audio File Size and Quality (wav to mp3)

Go back to your library and highlight the songs you want to convert and go to the Advanced menu at the top of your iTunes window and choose "Create MP3 version": iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

Jan 22, AM in response to Terabithia In response to Terabithia One what do you plan to play them once compressed? Just your Mac, or will you want to be able to play them on other devices?

How to Reduce MP3 File Sizes on a Mac | It Still Works

A low-bit-rate AAC file would perhaps be the best choice for playback from your Mac, but for maximum portability, go with MP3. For MP3, set to 32 kbps. In either case, convert one lecture and listen to it before you convert them all so that you can verify that you'll find the compressed quality to be acceptable. Loading page content.

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Jan 22, AM in response to Terabithia In response to Terabithia You can convert songs in your iTunes library to another format. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jan 22, PM in response to varjak paw In response to varjak paw I'd like to be able to play them on my mac and ipod, and less critically I'd also like to be able to give them to other PC users.

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How do I convert a file in iTunes? And if I convert to mp3 or aac does that make the file size smaller? User profile for user: Zevoneer Zevoneer. User profile for user: Terabithia Question: Q: Best way to compress wav files? Ask a question Reset.