Easy baked mac and cheese with ham

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This looks delicious. A definite must try!

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  • Cheesy Macaroni with Ham!

Please come share your blog posts over at the Home Matters Linky Party! Thanks Laura! This is a bowl of luxurious dinner. My family will surely love it. Planning to make it tonight. Thanks for sharing. I am with you on this one! The topping I would always choose is more cheese on top and broiled to a crispy goodness!

This is pure comfort food! I love how cheesy and delicious your mac and cheese with ham looks! This is the perfect comfort food and easy meal! I like the use of the rotini pasta. With all the grooves it really holds the sauce. This looks so yummy and comforting and tempting!

How to Make Delicious Macaroni and Cheese with Ham - Pasta Recipe - steklokvarz.ru

This Macaroni and cheese looks amazing! I think the addition of the ham really makes it into a delicious meal! But what a great way to make this a meal in every bite. I love mac and cheese and I love baked mac and cheese even more, but baked mac and cheese with ham?

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You have sold me! This sounds amazing! We love mac and cheese in our family. This looks like a perfect family meal! I love mac and cheese for dinner. And if I am lucky, leftovers for lunch the next day! April 26, Pin 6. Share Yum Jump to Recipe Print Recipe.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese With Ham

See how to make a classic homemade three-cheese casserole. I LOVE this recipe! I remember making mac n cheese from scratch when I was a lot younger and was looking for a recipe that would give me that great taste. This is it!!! I left out the ham, us I took advice from other reviewers and made some changes. I also added some onion.

This was terrific macaroni and cheese! I also add I didn't make the recipe verbatim though.

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I read a few reviews and made a few changes and it was wonderful. Instead of using cubes of the three different kinds of cheeses, I used I thought this was the best mac n' cheese I've ever made. Even my husband who does not eat usually eat mac and cheese asked when I was going to make it again.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese:

I made a few changes I made this once on a whim, and have made it several times since. It's one of our household favorites. I try to make it at least once a month; if I don't, I am sure to be reminded and asked! I loved this recipe! I didn't use the ham,though. And whoever said to add a smoked gouda cheese to this recipe.. If you are using this recipe for the first time, do not listen to that p I made this last night and followed the directions perfectly and was disappointed. I am a cheese lover so I thought the amount of cheese it called for was fine, but upon tasting it, the dish ha I used leftover crushed cheezits or other crackers, crushed and mixed with butter.

Any leftover cheese will work. I hate throwing things away. Even boil up leftover boxes of pasta that have been languishing in the cup boards. We buy elbows for pasta salad, penne for baked pasta, even broken up spaghetti noodles will do. No one minds veggies mixed into lots of cheese.

Cheesy Macaroni with Ham Recipe - steklokvarz.ru

Thanks for all the great tips for cleaning out the fridge and cupboards Denise! I just made some mac and cheese last night — it had been forever! This looks so creamy and cheesy, and that topping looks perfect! Just made this tonight and it was awesome! I added a few things just to try. I chopped and fried up 2 onions, I added a tsp. I also did not have white cheddar but used mozzarella instead. I almost forgot, I doubled the panko because I love crunchy!

Thanks for the awesome recipe…its a keeper! Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food and I love that you added ham to yours. It looks delicious especially with that crumb topping! Mmmm so so good! Wow this looks yummy.

Cheesy ham and macaroni bake

Plus the addition of ham and Panko have my name written all over it! Nice recipe! I just love this fun twist, Christin! Stunning photos too! We love ham, so adding it to one of our comfort foods is such a great idea! Mac and Cheese IS the ultimate comfort food!! When I come over will you feed me mac and cheese and krispy kreme bread pudding until I burst?!!?

Oh, and those sweet potato cinnamon rolls. Thank you! And that crumb topping looks delicious, Christin! Sounds like this would make a perfect main dish or side dish! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me of new posts by email.