Double click not working on mac

At first I thought it was something to do with Mountain Lion. The first step was to check the Trackpad settings in System Preferences. Tracking Speed actually controls how quickly the cursor shoots across the screen as you move your finger on a trackpad.

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I messed around with the other settings in that Preference Pane just in case, but nothing made a difference. By the way: As the screenshot shows, I have mine set to as fast as it can go.

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The other day I was having another go at solving this annoying problem when I thought to look at the Accessibility settings in System Preferences. Double-click speed. At some point when the MacBook Air was new I must have gone in there, moved the slider to Fast and then forgotten all about it. Once I moved the slider back towards Slow I was finally able to double-click on the Trackpad exactly as I expected. The main focus of MacTips is to help you learn how to use your Apple gear better, so you can be more efficient and effective and have more fun.

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I have had this same problem forever. I never thought of checking the accessibility settings. Fixed instantly. Problem statement: EDIT 2: Attempted Shutdown without re-opening apps to no avail.

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Also noted that double clicking in Microsoft apps seems to be proving problematic like launcing a RDP session in Microsoft Remote Desktop or selecting a blank document in Microsoft Word. EDIT 3: Attempted resolution: Visited Articles for Sierra: Has anyone else expirienced this? Does anyone have a solution?

Looking to resolve without third part products. Robert J.

Ask Mac 911

Robert J Robert J I installed this update and everything is peachy now. I realize that I should probably brought this up earlier in my problem statement.

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  • Thanks for reading! I hope this helps someone else. I guess I have to wait 2 days before resolving.

    When double-click stops working in El Capitan

    Hey Robert, I have the same issue with a Razer Orochi bluetooth mouse. The issue is only presenting when using it via bluetooth, with the cable everything is fine. I have installed the latest version of Synapse.

    Do you have any suggestions? EdoB I am actually still plagued with this.

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    I have found hitting the escape key a couple times will clear this errored state. I think that this is an error with the Razer Software. I personally have been plagued with bugs, and have stopped updating the software once I got to a relatively good release.