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There are some very specific work opportunities available to those who are willing to go above and beyond for a specific role. Unfortunately there isn't a defined development path and many people can get complacent. There was rarely any internal movement to leadership positions, and not much effort to change. I have worked with Apple as an At Home Advisor off and on over the past 10 years.

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They provide excellent training and the pay is great. Working from home is not for everyone but definitely has its perks both tax wise and work wise. Apple Subsidise gym memberships and health care and have great support networks if you know where to look to find it.

I enjoyed it. It is a nice place to work in while you are young. The work is not physically intensive, but the constant interactions with people can really get to you after a while. Good salary, but the hours are pretty long.

Dear Mr Cook,

Worst part about the entire process is the negative customers. Great training but very little support outside of your immediate peers. Job culture is fantastic! Training also amongst the best I have ever experienced. The issues for me were with lower management and access to support outside of your immediate peers. Very stressful job for the amount of money available.

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Working from home was a nice change, but the novelty quickly wears off. Excellent environment with challenging aspects of job. Working in retail with a company that faces everyday changes was challenging but rewarding. Very much an "inner circle" team environment, which was nice but limiting in career advancements. Some long, tough days, but the role varied a lot.

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Not commission based - big plus. You're the "middle man" and cop a fair bit of abuse when things don't go right. Very hit and miss. Was an At Home Advisor for over 2 years.

Interview process was a bit long - had to follow up with the head office to get the job. If you reach good stats and get good surveys you'' be upskilled to T2 iOS which is an extra 10k per year or get upskilled to Mac OS with no pay rise. Customers aren't as abusive as you'd think as most of the time when you get a call it's usually the customer's fault and they just want you to help them fix it.. You'll get the occasional privileged individual who thinks you owe them. Pay is pretty good for sitting on your butt in the comfort of your home. They will provide you with an iMac and an iPod for work.

One of the better companies I've worked for anyway, go for it. Amazing company to work for, unlike any other. An amazing place to work for with top training and ongoing support for rapid changes in the workplace. Great Co-workers and a fun place - even if it can drain you. An amazing atmosphere and people to work with!

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Having no sales targets or mandatory things to say and do makes Apple a great place to work. Being able to just chat and engage with customers and co-workers makes for a great day. However, it is a demanding job. As a uni student, it has been a struggle to balance life and work with 4 days a week expected from staff. It is a high pace and pressure environment that is driven by the customers. Fun and motivating. I love the atmosphere in this company, especially with the support from the coworkers and the management.

They were very supportive in our professional development. The management team are very engaging to the staff, available and listened to our needs. As a company, Apple shows that they have the best quality of service and excel in it. With Apple more than 12 years. Moved myself for opportunities and spent a lot of money on promises and and assurance. Ultimately left wondering if I would have had a better foundation career elsewhere.

If you get a promise, get it in writing. Soon as that happens, you may find yourself resigning because you left your current role that was now filled while you waited, on your own Annual Leave, having to find a new home, buy all everything you need and not one apology or option for a role. Being treated like that after 12 years Fun place to work however it does have its downsides. Management is also mostly great and supportive. However at the end the day, it is retail and there are expectations when it comes to meeting targets.

Also there are no pathways to growing in the company outside of the retail business. Job summary. Great training and most important great culture. Only issues were the live call training. Some trainers during the live call training did not really help but stifle you a bit. Resources were available but these people were also really busy taking calls. Shifts were sometimes very late.

The good things were you always learn resolving new issues phonek iPad or Mac. The easy way to upgrade to the latest iPhone. It works with your carrier. Trade in your current smartphone and get credit towards a new iPhone.

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