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I've got most of the chords to What's the World Coming To, but haven't gotten to the bridge yet. When I do, I'll post.

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I guess I didn't listen close enough. I can jump Bb - F But If I don't call.. Dm - F They'll just turn me out..

chords for illume? - The Ledge

Gm - Bb Murrow Verse: Last edited by DownOnRodeo: Damn, Rodeo, you've been busy. Once you get that first chord, the rest follows.

Todas as músicas

But then I got distracted. Thanks, dude! I laughing a little because I cannot play guitar to save my life and its not from a lack of trying and to the chgrain of all within earshot!!! So, I kind of take the chords you all give and adapt them to the paino, which somethimes takes a little teaking, etc. I can however play the piano fairly well and I am lucky enough to have a great piano that totally rocks in all ranges, but esp in bass mahogony Steinway M circa ish. I must say the notes for Illume when played way below middle C on my piano abosultly kick ass.

It almost sounds classical - perhaps Brahms slightly comes to mind. In fact, I think the song should have more of it. Thanks for posting the chords!!!!

Fleetwood Mac

Man of the World for his full sad story. His girlfriend, Carol Ann Harris, recalled Nicks bringing it to the band, only to receive venomous criticism by Buckingham that led to a screaming battle. But Buckingham had already written a handful of songs for a follow-up. The idea came from Santana keyboardist Gregg Rollie.

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The four musicians cut two demos together: Nicks collaborator and Eighties synth-rock also-ran Sandy Stewart penned the harmony-soaked tune, and the demo was the first song Nicks presented to the band for Tango in the Night. Deliberately so. Makes no sense. Perfect for this record. In , L. After Welch left the band, a somewhat slicker version of the song recorded with Buckingham, Christine and Fleetwood became a solo hit for him.

It remains a beloved soft-rock chestnut. He was funny, sweet — and he was smart. McVie later described the ease with which she composed her songs on Rumours: Nor do I think I would want to. I am someone who values musical themes. Someone who feels there should be a consistency from night to night with something. Buckingham rocks out with the raw spirit of a freewheeling garage band, while Fleetwood cuts loose on the drums. That was just Mick and myself late at night in the studio, me at the piano. That has to rate as one of my top-five moments in the band.

Not directed at anybody in particular but at the business, the need to conform to some vague set of commercial standards. An obscure gem from the years between the original Mac with Peter Green and the modern Buckingham-Nicks incarnation.

Thrown Down

Guitarist Danny Kirwan was a great songwriter in his own right, fond of dreamy Beatle-struck ballads like this single, which chimes in the mode of Badfinger or Big Star. But, tragically, Kirwan slipped into a void much like his fellow Mac guitarists Green and Jeremy Spencer — he suffered a mysterious mental breakdown, vanished from the music world and drifted into homelessness. This smoky blues ballad sums up the lost legend of Peter Green — especially the version on Live in Boston, recorded in February They lost: My mind would be racing. The two most successful periods for the band were during the late s British blues boom, when they were led by guitarist Peter Green; and from , with more pop-orientation, featuring Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

The band enjoyed more modest success in the intervening period between and , with the line-up that included Bob Welch, and also during the s which saw more personnel changes before the return of Nicks and Buckingham, and more recently, the departure of Christine McVie. Indexed at Wikipedia.

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