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The following table is an example of how to encode the data " biz " using Code character set B with a switch to character set A for a carriage return function:. This type of switching between character sets is also compatible with the free font encoder tools. The X dimension X is the width of the narrow bar is listed below for various point sizes in millimeters and mils.

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IDAutomation's Code barcode fonts have been specially designed to be able to produce dependable barcodes when printed at large and small point sizes. The Code font may be printed as small as 4 points if the scanner is capable reading it. When using a printer with less than DPI, print at the following point sizes to create accurate barcodes:. Eighteen different versions of the Code barcode fonts are provided to support human readable versions and different width and height requirements.

Fonts with the letter " H " in the font name are human-readable versions. The last characters in the Code barcode font name determine the height of the barcode with the shortest being "XXS" and the tallest being "XXL".

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Because each single font may be printed at various point sizes, there are several combinations of heights and widths that may be produced. The N Dimension column in the chart below is the narrow bar width to height ratio.

Nevertheless, they are not usually used because the Code symbology MOD check digit is commonly displayed in the result. Human readable versions are often used for testing purposes or when it is not a problem to have the symbology check digit displayed.

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To print the human-readable data without the check digit, use the fonts beginning in IDAutomationC and print the data encoded as text below or above the barcode. The XXS size is not available in the human readable versions because of size limitations. Free lifetime Level 1 support may be obtained by reviewing the knowledgebase articles that are documented and by searching resolved public forum threads or the Code tag.

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One incident of Level 2 support for a period of 60 days is included with the purchase of any license. Level 2 support and upgrades may be provided beyond 60 days if the Level 2 Support and Upgrade Subscription is purchased when making the order. If assistance is needed, please contact IDAutomation. Font Encoders. NET Compact Framework. Start B. Start C. Point Size. Purchased Font Name.

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Note: This alphabetical index to the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States is based on a paper version with the same title compiled in The index does not reflect updates to the Guide. The updated web version of the Guide can be searched with the Search the Guide feature.


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