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He was plagued by debt to fund the project; he had to mortgage his home. In his own lifetime the dictionary sold poorly and got little recognition.

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Today, of course, his name is so synonymous with even the idea of a dictionary that Webster is actually a genericized trademark in the U. It makes sense: there was, and is, something remarkable about his dictionary, and the editions that followed in its line the New and Revised , the Unabridged , the International and , the New International , the , etc. To convey as by a flash… as, to flash a message along the wires; to flash conviction on the mind.

To glisten, or glister, is to shine with a soft and fitful luster, as eyes suffused with tears, or flowers wet with dew. Did you see that last clause? But they are also better. It divests those words of their worth and purpose. It had always seemed a grander word than that.

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But this was the dictionary, and whatever it declared was final. The quality or character of those emotions, traits, or experiences which are personal, and therefore restricted and evanescent; transitory and idiosyncratic dispositions or feelings as distinguished from those which are universal and deep-seated in character; — opposed to ethos. It continued.

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That quality or property of anything which touches the feelings or excites emotions and passions, esp. Dear god! How did I not know about this dictionary? Most important, it describes a word worth using: a mere six letters that have come to stand for something huge, for a complex meta-emotion with mythic roots. Such is the power of actual English.

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I could go on forever listing examples. Look up arduous , huge , chauvinistic , venal , pell-mell , raiment , sue , smarting , stereotype. Look up the word word , and look , and up. Look up every word you used today.

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And you develop an affection for even those, the plainest most everyday words, because you see them treated with the same respect awarded to the rare ones, the high-sounding ones. Restart the Dictionary app to confirm that the CSS was updated correctly. You might also try bumping the margin-top and margin-bottom values in the div.

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And some folks have said that 1em works better than 0. Powered by WordPress and Manifest. About Subscribe Read More Contact me. But where? The pleasure of finding things out I could go on forever listing examples. Unzip it and launch the DictUnifier app. Drag the stardict-dictd-web It might take a few seconds before the conversion process starts. The dictionary will now be available in your Dictionary app. But its formatting may look a little off. Read More: I've written 73 other posts.