Windows 8 to mac os x transformation

A Mac OS X mockup theme dating to Note the aggressive use of brushed metal.

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The year Yahoo, the former internet giant owned by Verizon these days, purchased Konfabulator, soon renaming it to Yahoo Widgets. The software, a popular widget-based customization tool, originally showed up on the Mac, but gained momentum as a PC-based tool after Apple released a similar technology in OS X Tiger called Dashboard.

The similar technologies caused controversy. Note the taskbar up top.

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And initially, that meant lawyers were involved. In February of , roughly a month before the first public release of OS X Brad Wardell complied, according to MacWorld , but found the situation untenable, due to the inevitable inspiration that users were to take from the buzzed-about operating system:. That's where things get really murky. What if we posted something that was inspired by Aqua, they objected and we remove it.

If we do that for Apple, how do we know every single person that uploads something wasn't inspired by someone else's work? That creates an impossible situation for us to moderate Again, I am discussing this issue with Apple and my legal counsel. The company would even go after design enthusiasts on its own turf.

In , the company publicly went after an open-source endeavor called the Mac Themes Project, which simply allowed users to design themes for Mac OS 8. Unlike the Windows themes, the project simply wanted to make it easy to design new themes for Mac OS, but Apple claimed that simply allowing users to modify its themes violated its copyright. And over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of theme modifications have shown up online, including on WinCustomize , a site owned by Stardock; on standalone sites like SkinPacks ; and on artist hubs like DeviantArt.

macOS Transformation Pack 5.0

In the end, these movements were driven not by trying to pull a fast one on Apple, but by an attempt at reverence. Of course, while you can still find relatively up-to-date examples of Windows 10 skins, things have slowed down a bit. Long story short: Why modify Windows 10 when you can turn your machine into a Hackintosh that actually runs macOS, a space Apple seems to be ignoring anyway?

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It was the ultimate case of imitation and flattery. Written by Ernie Smith on May 22, apple , customization , mac os , mac os x , macintosh , object desktop , operating systems , osx , skinning , stardock , windowblinds , windows. In a interview with OSNews , Wardell described the appeal of the software: Each user uses their computer for very different reasons. And infiltrate they did. One of the design goals was, when you saw it, you wanted to lick it.

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A taskbar on the top. And in earlier versions of Windows, the taskbar tended to be about the same size as the menu bar on Mac OS X, so reskinning it and putting the task bar up top was a great way of taking back Windows.

Mac Like Theme for Windows 8

Chrome that looks like a Mac. Who remembers that brushed metal look that iTunes and a bunch of other Mac apps used to have?

Like everything else Apple has ever done, the look was controversial. The details. Recently, the Netflix show Arrested Development launched a website called Vote Bluth that was designed to look like it was designed in Another interesting and very useful feature is that you can now turn on personal hotspot on your iPhone right from your Mac in no time.

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OS X Yosemite transformation pack , according to its developer, includes original system resources extracted from Yosemite, and installing or uninstalling the Yosemite transformation pack is much easier. In addition to those, the dock in the transformation pack resembles the look in Yosemite. Before you install this transformation pack, we recommend you create a manual system restore point so that you can quickly revert to the original system state without any issues.

macOS Transformation Pack 5.0

And if you want to try it out without replacing original system files, you can download the UX Pack available at the download page. So I downloaded this pack and I love it. Some issues I am having are: — The desktop icons are not displaying correctly — the task bar and window headings do not really resemble mac style — When the computer first starts up the apple logo on the task bar gets black momentarily and the desktop icons display correctly momentarily, but then they go back to no displaying correctly.

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