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If you did, Dennaton will probably make you feel like more of a jerk than last time, but at least the controls are familiar.

The basic rules have not changed: Kill every enemy on each floor while trying desperately to not die yourself. A few missions even stipulate you choose a specific gun that you need to pick up ammo for to reload. Some other missions start with selections to determine play style, most notable those with The Fans.

They offer abilities not present in the first like dodge rolling and dual wielding, but some levels give you no specialties. His levels are designed to be manageable with only melee as a contrast to the aforementioned larger levels that require you to be extremely aware of your surroundings.

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Hotline Miami 2 has twenty-six stages, several more than the first, and they have bolder designs and more individual atmospheres. There are the usual warehouses and crackdens, but a few military bases in Hawaii and others like docks. But more importantly is how much different it feels due to the higher level difficulty. The main reason for this is the level design, which consists of many, many large open spaces, windows, and other aspects which make you far more vulnerable to enemy fire.

Restricting the character selection and abilities for each mission communicates to the player: yes, there are specific ways to beat this level, figure it out. It marks a stark contract to the more freeform approach of the first game, and is the primary reason why this sequel has a far more divisive reaction among fans. The obvious answer is: because that particular enemy was set not to react to sound. The soundtrack is once again amazing, perhaps even better, as while the first game had some stages repeat tracks, every level has its own individual tune though there is recurring cutscene music , and it makes each stage stand out further apart from each other.

Some things may not work as they should or don't work at all.

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