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How to Fix SSL Connection Error on Chrome - Method 3 is Working for Everyone

Page content loaded. Apr 27, PM in response to halon77 In response to halon Does anybody have an answer to this? I just upgraded to Snow Leopard from Leopard and I am trying to use the app store to upgrade to Lion, but i cant because I am getting this same error.

I am on a macbook pro.

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Apr 27, PM. In this situation, your hosts file may contain incorrect information and will redirect the Internet connections to wrong places. If you are unable to remove the hosts file, make sure you have permission to do that.

How to Fix Google Chrome Error – ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

If you are using the hosts file for some reasons and have declared your commands there, just keep your code and remove the unusual one. In some cases, SSL state may block your connection and show you this error. By that, you have to remove all SSL state. All is done. You may want to try to reload your website on Google Chrome browser again to verify if the error is gone or not. In order to change your internet security and privacy level, go to Control Panel and choose Internet Options.

After changing these settings, try to reload your Google Chrome browser again to confirm if the issue is gone or remains. According to reports, there were many users used this method and it was helped to solve the problem. If you have something to add to this article or there would be any question or concern, leave your comment below. Thank you for reading if your gonna take my idea please credit me.

I tried all these solutions, and the one with the firewall here in the comments. Still not working.. This is [———] never had this before. We are not for sure exactly what it means, but all I found for extra information is a Wifi encryption method only partially secured we just ask politely if you can have a look at this problem with the website and find the source of the situation please and thank you. Except one : google. Any idea? Tried multiple browsers, resetting to default etc.

You still get this error when using other browsers? Even using another device, such as other computer or smartphone of course in the same network? I tried all the solutions suggested above without succeeding to overcome the error issue. In case you have tried all methods above, I would recommend you backup Chrome and reinstall it. Here is how to do it.

What Causes Error 107?

Can you please explain a bit further regarding your method you mentioned above? It helps me to understand more and add an extra tip to help other users. I have tried all solutions and as long as I am on my home wifi, I cannot access www. Traditionally, it was deemed unnecessary and overkill to use a secure connection site-wide in-part due to the prohibitive expense of SSL certificates.

DV or Domain Validated SSL Certificate

And most of the time, issues occur when something has been changed either on the server side for existing websites, or when setting up your site for the first time. Have you recently changed hosts or tried to install a new SSL certificate? This is the most common reason for this error to occur.

Being aware of recent site changes may give you a strong indication of what could be causing the secure connection issue. Work through the solutions in the following sections one-by-one until your secure connection error is fixed. The first thing to try is clearing the SSL state in Chrome. The browser stores SSL certificates in a cache to speed up subsequent connections once an initial secure connection has been made to a website. After the DNS settings have propagated and the site is accessed in a browser a secure connection, the error can sometimes be displayed due to the browser cache storing an outdated version of the SSL certificate.

To fix this, try clearing the SSL state cache. Once done restart your browser and try connecting to your website again. You can also perform a site-wide scan with an online SSL checker tool to verify that there are no issues with your SSL certificate. This type of check is pretty reliable and bypasses your browser cache to determine if the certificate is valid. Simply enter your domain into the Hostname field and click on the Submit button. Once the scan is complete a report is displayed with the results of the SSL certificate checks.

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If all is well you should see something like this:. You can find more in-depth information on how to check your SSL certificate is working properly here. First, check whether the operating system time and date are set correctly otherwise your SSL certificate may have problems being authenticated. This will bring up the Settings window. Then, in the Date and time settings window check the time and date are correct before continuing.

On macOS, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu, and select Date and Time from the list. You will receive the next issue of the Kinsta Newsletter within a week. If you have multiple browser extensions enabled, then this could potentially be the source of the error.

Toggle all the enabled browser extensions one at a time to disable them, accessing your site in-between each one. New and updated security features are always added to modern browsers and bugs are fixed on a regular basis and keeping things up-to-date is a best practice you should follow. The Chrome browser makes this easier as it checks for updates automatically every time you launch the software.


However, if you keep browser tabs always open, then you should remember to restart the browser from time to time to trigger update checks. Click this to install the latest updates. You can also check for macOS updates via the App Store just like you would for any other app. This is much quicker than installing full operating system updates and could potentially solve the secure connection issue.

These tools do a great job of protecting you from all sorts of online security issues. As part of this protection, your antivirus software usually checks for issues with HTTPS connections to make sure nothing unexpected is happening. If necessary, disable your firewall as well and check your website again. To help identify general website issues, including connection errors, it can often help to check your server log and take a look at recent activity. From beginner tips to advanced strategies, you'll find something useful that you can use today.

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