Bt home hub problems with mac

I don't know how you would be able to do that at your clients locations unless they let you adjust their router. Thanks for the tip! It's actually worked the other way for me now though I'm not complaining though! Sign In Forum Help. Turn on suggestions.

I have problems connecting 5GHz and dual band devices wirelessly to the BT Hub

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How to stop BT Broadband blocking Kodi - An Easy Fix

Which BT home hub do you have, as that will help forum members to assist you? KwameUchiha Newbie.

Help and advice

Message 3 of Message 4 of Message 5 of Many thanks for sharing. Signal isn't great, jitter is terrible and pages can take 5 seconds to just resolve. Ethernet is perfect mind you. Split networks, changed channels to no avail. In reply to a post by 23Prince :. Thanks for the reply Paul, I have, and nothing was working so I took it off and put his HH5B back on because that didn't seem to have any problem..

Except for 2 really weird ones. His laptop wouldn't connect - nothing in fact would connect to the 2G band he has some Lifx light bulbs too 2. But when I put the Smart Hub on - the problem went away and he was getting full line speed through it. And no where on the internet can I find out why! In reply to a post by BatBoy :. In reply to a post by Icaras :. When was this firmware pushed out? I've had two Hub 6s and neither of them got this firmware. My first hub 6 I knocked straight off the side and smashed it on the floor!

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BT took pity on me and replaced for free. Actually, my android phone works fine, sadly my android tablet fails to connect, it just says saved, then says connecting, and then back to saved. This is happening to two tablets and a Wii u.

One (Gen 2)

Having both a type a and type b smart hub - and all apple devices, macbook pro's, iphones, also android devices, never had any issues with either. SG4B arrived at 9. Well, once again Wi-Fi is broken resulting in all our devices "Connecting" then "Saved" then back to "Connecting" and so on. I have tried having them separated, Joined, both result in the same. I have tried it in Edge, IE11, Chrome all seem to have this issue. It took me 5 to 10 mins to actually log onto the damn thing, sadly all I could do is just reboot the thing. See I had absolutely no issues before they patched the firmware, now I do, so BT have broken something.

In my eyes I must say BT should of called it the [censored] Hub because that's what it is at the moment. Its a shame because I really did like it when it was working. One thing I did notice was in our case this time it was the 2. So now I have to either look for an equivalent box to be run in WAN Mode that can handle all the throughput or disable the Wi-Fi and just use it wired connections and use a different box for the Wi-Fi Access Points.

Box and the Smart Hub. So I can play about mixing and matching until its works as intended. I have the same issue with the HH5. Now WiFi coverage in the house is brilliant. Much stronger than the HH and does not drop at all. This is all a bit bonkers, my HH6 hasn't not missed a beat since day one, i am delighted with it, you do have to wonder if there is a batch of crocked ones in the wild. Now I was loath to do this as I always lose quite a lot of speed when I restart, still I went ahead. Low and behold both devices connected.

Worth noting the Homehub reboots every 14 days anyway. I would try to get a replacement again, I do feel there is a bad batch of these hubs floating around given the amount of complaints. Just a heads up, you didn't need to reboot the Smart Hub to get the Wi-Fi working again if its not working.

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  • You just need to disable the Wi-Fi, save the settings and then re-enable it and save once again and it should be working. So the next time your Wi-Fi stops working try the first option first. In my experience the only time the hub becomes unresponsive is when it drops broadband connection. With regards to rebooting with an ONT I feel it likely will still reboot but the firmware for FTTP customers is apparently slightly different so who knows.

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    Wi-Fi dropped and broke again, only way to get it working again is to disable Wi-Fi and then re-enable it. Hello I reverted to HH5 and have had no problems over the past month.. With regard to other posts, we have no Apple devices. In view of the large number of people reporting faulty BT hub 6's, my belief is that there is something fundamentally wrong with the firmware and hardware design.

    Paul Edited by Tantalus Thu Nov In reply to a post by woodroyd :. Hope so I think there is a bad batch out there. Mine is flawless as are some others. Interestingly I have 2, on one of them I struggle to get a connection sometimes, the issue is basically the router gives an IP out such as I then connect in another device and the GUI says it has allocated The new device then gets stuck trying to connect e. Both were flawless until recent firmware.

    My talktalk Hg blows the range out of the water, so agree with those comments.

    High Sierra and flakey Wi-Fi | Jumping Spider

    All rights reserved. User comments on ISPs. Print Thread. Tantalus regular Mon Sep BT Hub6 - Wireless connection repeatedly dropped [ link to this post ]. Tantalus regular Mon Oct Re: BT Hub6 - Wireless connection repeatedly dropped [ re: ukhardy07 ] [ link to this post ]. Tantalus regular Tue Oct Re: BT Hub6 - Wireless connection repeatedly dropped [ re: jb66 ] [ link to this post ]. Alnath fountain of knowledge Thu Oct Tantalus regular Fri Oct Alnath fountain of knowledge Sat Oct In reply to a post by Tantalus : Alnath, is then anyway of finding out when BT have released their updated firmware?

    Paul It will just dribble out knowing BT regardless of a date they set. In reply to a post by Alnath : In reply to a post by Tantalus : Alnath, is then anyway of finding out when BT have released their updated firmware? Yep I've not had updates months after release before lol No rush at BT. PaulKirby fountain of knowledge Sun Oct In reply to a post by ukhardy07 : Here is a quick guide on obtaining the MACs of devices connected to a router if interested. So at least the HH4 fully disables that entire feature when turned off in the GUI, unlike some other brands that I have read about.